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     Early last week we had a customer whose @rebeltec.net account had gotten compromised. This happened either by responding to a phishing e-mail (looking as if it had come from the Rebeltec office) asking for personal information and they had given out their account password, had a virus on their computer, or they had clicked on a link that they had received in their e-mail wanting them to verify information. Regardless of how it happened - when an account holder gives up their password - it creates a HUGE problem on our end. It therefore gives an outsider permission to their account and access to our server to allow them to send SPAM. This can happen VERY quickly and the spammer can send out hundreds of thousands of e-mails in a matter of a few minutes. This will continue until we get it physically shut down. When this happens, it not only gets our server blacklisted from other receiving servers all over the world - it also creates problems within our server and causes e-mails to be backed up, delayed, etc.

      In this case, once we got the account shut down and the customer notified, it has continued to cause problems with our Roundcube Webmail program. Please note - that just because the Roundcube Webmail program has not been functioning properly (troubles logging in, really slow moving within the program, etc.) does not mean that it's a problem with your Rebeltec E-mail OR your Rebeltec Internet Service - it is stictly a problem with the Roundcube Webmail program itself. Please note that there are other ways in order to get your Rebeltec e-mail - such as an e-mail client such as Windows Live Mail, Outlook, etc. These programs download your e-mail from the server to your computer or device. If you would like to set up your computer/device to do this - please give us a call and we'll help you out. There are multiple ways to get your e-mail and customize it to your specific needs. Give us a call if you want to discuss your options or what might work better for your situation.

      We have been pretty much working around the clock to monitor the Roundcube Webmail program when it starts acting up and trying to figure out what is causing the problem with it to not fuction property and why this spamming situation has been different than others. So, thanks for your patience while this has been happening. We completely understand the frustration with the situation.

     We will continue to monitor the Webmail program, but if it malfunctions - please use the Mail2Web link at the top as an alternate solution to get your e-mail, if you don't have an e-mail client setup on your device.

SOOOOOO......for now and for the future.


If you think the e-mail is wierd or doesn't make sense -

If it looks like it's coming from us and you question it -

If there is a problem with your e-mail account -


PLEASE keep your computers and devices free from viruses, malware, spyware, etc.

It's for your own good and protection.
Mail2Web is an ALTERNATE webmail program that you can use if the Roundcube isn't functioning properly. Login with your Rebeltec e-mail address and password (or your @cminet.net acct too).
- SUPER basic Webmail program that reads off of our Rebeltec Server.
- Allows you to Send/Receive Messages.  
- Only shows what's in your Inbox on the Server.
- Will NOT let you save ANY messages.
- Will NOT let you access your address book/contact list.
- If you need a copy of an outgoing message - send a copy of it also to yourself in the CC field.