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     If you DO NOT USE the Webmail and use another program such as Outlook, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, etc....the Webmail transition DOES NOT apply to you.

    Welcome to the New Mail Server. With this new transition, we have installed a new webmail program. It's called RoundCube Webmail. It's super easy to work and I believe everyone will love it. It's got a very easy format to understand. From what we've been told, your address book from the "old" Rebeltec Webmail can also be imported into it. So just shoot us an e-mail at tech@rebeltec.net if you need yours imported. We'll shoot you an e-mail back when it's all tranferred over.

     The "old" Rebeltec Webmail will be going offline the (Updated to:) August 12, 2013, so everyone who currently uses the Rebeltec webmail, might as well transition to the new webmail server now. This is a "true" webmail program and connects directly to your account on the mail server. If you delete it here, it's deleted forever.

    Because of the certificate security features of the new webmail program, we are "currently not able" to directly embed the login portion of the new server directly onto our website (like it is now where you can put your login info on the homepage versus having to click on another screen). We are working to see if there is a way to get this done and to be able to avoid two screens, when checking your e-mail. Until then, you'll need to click on the link below. (Which is also located on our homepage as well for quick reference.)
Note: When first logging in - it will ask you to accept the Security Certificate (refer to below for more info), then will bring you to the login screen where you will see "Welcome to Roundcube". When logging in - remember to put in your entire e-mail address and password.
Security Certificate: Until we are able to embed the login info, (if it's possible) you'll need to accept the Certificate Security each time you open a new browser window. If you are using Internet Explorer, you want to click on "Contine to this website (not recommended)" after you click on the "New Webmail" link. If using Google Chrome, you'll want to click on "Proceed anyway" button. Basically the reason that the security certificate alert comes up is because we didn't spend the thousands of extra dollars to have it registered. We felt this money was better used to upgrade and update network facilities and infrastructurers for our customers.
Helpful Info regarding SPAM: If you use the new webmail program, you can "train" it to learn what kind of messages are spam and what are good messages. Just by moving them from the Inbox to the Junk folder and vice versa if they accidently got moved as Junk - you can drag them back to the Inbox. Then any messages from them on - will or won't be considered as Junk. :)
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