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Viruses & Spyware will cause your computer to run
really slow!

Click above for an online virus & spyware scan.

This is a great source for information on computer protection and threats.


     Any computer that is on the internet needs to have a current and updated anti-virus program on it. Most viruses come in the form of e-mail attachments, but not always. There are some viruses that you can get by visited an infected website. So, it is very important to make sure that you keep your anti-virus subscription current and your Virus Updates up-to-date. Your computer will thank you!

      There are many anti-virus programs out there. Many ranging in price from FREE to $70/year for your subscription. Almost always you will hear, "You get what you pay for!". That is not the case with AVG Anti-virus. It gives you the same protection as all the "well-known" programs like Norton and McAfee, but it is much easier to use. Because of the fact that it's a "simple" program and does not "expire" you have the security of knowing that you are protected.

      Spyware is a broad category of malicious software intended to intercept or take partial control of a computer's operation without the user's informed consent. While the term taken literally suggests software that surreptitiously monitors the user as a spy would, it has come to refer more broadly to software that subverts the computer's operation for the benefit of a third party (as explained by Wikipedia.com).

Below is a list of several other computer threats. Click on each of them for a very informative explaination of what they are and how they work.
Note: We do not offer any technical support on
program software or hardware. Please contact the program vendor or hardware manufacturer if you are
experiencing technical difficulties.
The information posted here is for reference only.