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Please Update Your E-mail Address:
    Please do not confuse our request to update your e-mail address/s with the e-mails that you might receive in your e-mail account asking you to update your information. Those e-mails are called "Phishing" e-mails and ask you for your personal information, including your passwords.  NEVER reply to those e-mails.
Our request for your e-mail address is an attempt to keep our mail server current as well as our contact information for each customer. We are also in the process of creating a "mailing list" for all our customers lso that we can inform you of new services, updates, etc. Please fill our the information below and it will be sent to us for our records.

Name on your
Rebeltec Account:
Name of person
submitting info:
Do you use your @rebeltec.net e-mail address? Yes - I use it all the time
Yes - But it's not my primary
       e-mail account
No - I don't have one

Rebeltec Email Address
(if applicable):
Other E-mail Address
(other than @rebeltec.net account)
If none, please state "NONE" in the field:
Please Note: It might take a minute to send the form. Please be patient. At the top of the next screen please just click the "Continue" link when you see it. It will then show you a "Thank You" page and you are done.

E-mail Address:
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