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Please Update Your E-mail Address:
    Please do not confuse our request to update your e-mail address/s with the e-mails that you might receive in your e-mail account asking you to update your information. Those e-mails are called "Phishing" e-mails and ask you for your personal information, including your passwords.  NEVER reply to those e-mails.
     Our request for your e-mail address is an attempt to keep our mail server current as well as our contact information for each customer. Please feel out the form below for EACH @rebeltec.net and EACH @cminet.net e-mail account you currently have with Rebeltec.
~ Thank you in advance for your time in this project.

Name on your
Rebeltec Account:
Name of person
submitting info:
Do you use your @rebeltec.net or @cminet.net
e-mail address?
Yes - I use it all the time
Yes - But it's not my primary
       e-mail account
No - I don't have one

Rebeltec (or @cminet)
Email Address
(if applicable):
Other E-mail Address
(other than @rebeltec.net or @cminet.net account)
If none, please state "NONE" in the field:
Please Note: It might take a minute to send the form. Please be patient. At the top of the next screen please just click the "Continue" link when you see it. It will then show you a "Thank You" page and you are done.

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