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Attn: Credit Card Customers

On October 31, 2023 we switched to a new credit card processing company. Since then, we have been having random issues running customers autopay cards and are seeing a lot of declined transactions in our reports from customers running them on their own, as well. We have been working with our processor as well as many banks and found that they are all attempting to crack down on the amount of fraud and tighting up security.
Many customers banks have issued new cards that also need updated in our system.
IF you get a Fraud Alert or Call from your Bank - PLEASE contact us so that we can run your card again.
We are NOT notified that you accepted the transaction.
If you run your card on your own and are not getting a confirmation screen thanking you and giving you a Transaction ID,
the transaction was not completed.
Questions??? Please call our office so that we can help you.

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    Rebeltec Communications LLC is a locally owned and operated business based in Cheyenne Wells, Colorado. Our primary service is High Speed Wireless Broadband Internet, although we now offer many other services as well. Rebeltec was proudly started in 2000 as the very first Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Cheyenne County. We base our company practices on honesty and integrity. Thanks to all our loyal customers we have been able to offer more services and provide coverage to more communities.

Updating our E-mail List:
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